Digital Journalism Strategies on TikTok

The MAKE IT NEW(S) project is an international and interdisciplinary research collective led by Daniel Klug (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) and Ulla Autenrieth (University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons, Switzerland).

The project focuses on identifying, evaluating, and analyzing the relation of

in short-form videos on TikTok.

Digital journalism is becoming increasingly audiovisual and tailored to younger audiences and social media contexts. TikTok is currently the predominant social media platform and the main digital outlet for younger audiences to look for information.


In the MAKE IT NEW(S) research project, we aim to . . .

. . . monitor the presence and activity of news providers (legacy, digital first, televisual) on TikTok

. . . analyze the type of content news providers post and share on TikTok

. . . identify how news information is being adapted to TikTok’s platform characteristics

. . . evaluate which journalistic strategies are being developed by news providers and journalists

. . . understand how TikTok is integrated into news providers' and journalists' social media portfolios.


We are looking for

to collaborate with us on . . .


. . . best practices for journalism on TikTok

. . . branding strategies and information management on TikTok

. . . news content creation in the context of virality and trends.

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We have created a  worldwide database with 1,300+ TikTok accounts of news providers (print, digital, TV) and journalists.

The database is free to use and will be frequently updated.

Access the database:

Cite the database:
Klug, D., & Autenrieth, U. (2022). Worldwide List of News Provider
Accounts on TikTok. OSF. 

Know an account that is not in the database? Let us know!


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